Cave – “BrB”

By: Seamus Fay

Love songs from Cave are an audio journey, or better yet, an audio epic, every time. His music runs as genuine as possible, and with a creative vision unique in its own lane and inspiring in its required work ethic, the Dorchester-born artist never ceases to impress. Today, Cave is back on our pages with a self-produced single titled “BrB”.

This track simply came at the right time, stemming from a tweet that reads “this the perfect weather for a love song”. It may have been spontaneous with respect to its release, but “BrB” is undoubtedly a thoughtful track among the canvas of widespread emotions of lust, love, etc. that it creates. As with just about every release from Cave, this one also sheds light on the storytelling approach that the rising artist takes to music, direct in his lyrics and nostalgic in his deliveries. Listen to “BrB” below and latch onto the wave that Cave is running right now with effortless style:


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