Feedback Friday Edition #3 – Chris Prythm & THELASTGEKKO

By: Ilian

Welcome to the third edition of Feedback Fridays, hosted by Graduation Music. I’m Ilian, a producer from the greater Boston area.

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Chris Prythm – “We On” 

Our first submission this week is “We On” from Chris Prythm, a single from his most recent project SPECTACULOUS. The song’s backbone is a jazzy sample to fit alongside energized background vocals repeating “We On,” giving off a Madlib vibe with lots of variation and cuts in the sample. Prythm’s flow fits the production very well using standout lines such as, “And out of the game, how shit has changed/ From role models to rich and the fame”. The song is very much a look at his past, contrasted with how different things have been for him has been since his career started. The reminiscent bars and the old school production make for a very nostalgic release.

Overall, this is a very catchy song with its infectious energy, but my only gripe is that sometimes the sample drowns his vocals out, especially in the beginning of the song – nothing that an engineer, or some more mixing practice, can’t fix. Otherwise, I’m definitely a fan of this one and I’m excited to hear more from the rising talent in the future.

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Our second submission today comes from Boston’s own THELASTGEKKO with an ambient, laid back track titled “STIMULATE”. For starters, THELASTGEKKO’s producer tag is somewhat of a cheap robotic voice, awkwardly placed in the beginning of the track that I noticed right away. As the song goes on, the ambient pads have a somewhat distracting, popping sound in the beginning that eventually gets drowned out by the kicks, and although the hook has potential and the flow bounces nicely, Gekko’s delivery doesn’t quite bring the energy that this track needs to stick in the heads of listeners. Additionally, the ambient, underwater production often feels like it drags on. It has a solid foundation but some more variation is needed to keep the listener entertained past the second hook. That being said, there were a few lines that stood out and showed that Gekko has the potential to grow in the future.

Admittedly, I was a bit harsh on this one. “STIMULATE” seems to be THELASTGEKKO’s most mainstream-esque work, while many of his other songs have a more experimental nature. As with all experimental artists like this, finding the balance between experimental and accessible is difficult, but once found, can be fantastic. If THELASTGEKKO can strike this balance in his work, he may be able to create a niche following. We’ll be keeping an eye on him in the future, looking for the growth and potential that we know he’s capable of.

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