Pistola – “On A Bitch”

By: Seamus Fay

If you weren’t already aware, I’ll say it again: Pistola has hits. Don’t believe me? Listen to his newest release “On A Bitch”. Featuring opera-fueled production from David Walker, this banger had me singing along after just the first listen with Stola’s signature laid-back delivery and intoxicating lyrics leading the way. In short, it’s a signature display of the effortless style that Pistola has and the lane he has paved for himself along the way.

The dynamic duo of Pistola and David Walker has proven in the past to be a deadly one (click here to listen to “Playa”)  with “On A Bitch” only following this trend. When given the right production, Stola can craft a hit with a charismatic touch and a knack for offering tweet-worthy lines, nearly unmatched when it comes to having fun with it and giving us something to remember. That being said, it’s always an entertaining time when you’re listening to Pistola.

Lastly, “On A Bitch” will be the last single from the rising talent before he starts the rollout of his debut project. It’s a perfect release to ramp up the anticipation of fans, and with this track acting as a preview of what Stola has been on since we last heard him, I’m confident in saying that he’s about to drop a project that you won’t want to miss. Click play below.

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