By: Seamus Fay

Boston artist WHYTRI never ceases to bring the wave everywhere he goes with deep passion and a lively personality, gaining quite a reputation for his ability to fuel venues with an unparalleled supply of energy in the local scene. Tri’s music idles at fired up, and with a knack for being able to portray specific emotions with pinpoint accuracy using this platform, the young talent is here today to deliver his emphatic new EP KAHUNA.

In just 6 tracks, the project paints vivid pictures of several different emotions with widespread emphasis and a natural ear for genuine feelings. It’s confident and sure of itself through each song, and I personally didn’t’ find a boring point on the project – even the skit was dope. That being said, fans definitely received the signature WHYTRI sound that they were looking for with refreshing, punk-like bangers delivered within a mystical sort of atmosphere.

Listeners can also look to the artwork for an accurate representation of what the EP really means; It’s a collection of emotions and stories from the rising artist’s life, portrayed with ample energy and a personal twist. In addition, the mood of each track especially finds itself behind the charismatic deliveries with production via WHYTRI himself, MyCompiledThoughts, TheseVibezTed, Cecil, and PhoneFantasy. Overall, we have a well-packaged EP on our hands that acts a perfect preview of the ability of such an exciting young artist, and I can’t wait for more. Click play below to get hip.

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