Taryn Blaine – “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon”

By: Chris Durkin

Boston artist and F.O.V. member Taryn Blaine just delivered a fresh new single titled “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon”. This track engulfs listeners with the organic sound of Blaine’s nostalgic vocals and playful delivery, featuring an alternative sound that’s expansive and freewheeling in nature and best relatable to a strange trip. With these aspects highlighted, “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon” wastes no time in connecting with every listener’s childhood by way of references to your favorite tv shows, fictional characters, and even video games.

The deeply-cut track is a miraculous release from Taryn Blaine and I’m confident in saying that it can hit home for any listener because of its infectious flute-melodies and nostalgic approach. The scene has not heard enough of this well-rounded artist and with “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon” as proof, I don’t recommend sleeping on him. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for Taryn and the rest of F.O.V. as they establish their rise. Click play on “Diddy Kong In Blue Lagoon” below.

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