James Guild – “Lava”

By: Seamus Fay

Artists that can present their struggles in a way for others to relate to and connect with emotionally are always the artists with the most longevity. Brockton’s James Guild is just that type of artist, proven with his latest offering “Lava” produced by Kiron. The song looks at some of his worst moments with vulnerability yet comfort, talking of how the rising talent views the world around him in all of its trials and tribulations – it’s a meaningful one, simply put.

“Lava” seems confused, but perfectly so. Any listener, myself included, can connect to the chaotic life that Guild seems to be living and the way he portrays his feelings toward it. If anything, this is an incredible display of artistry and songwriting talents. I’ve seen many tweets telling me how underrated James Guild was, but I never actually listened to him until now. That being said, yes, he most definitely is underrated. I’m excited to finally be hip to such a dope artist and I predict that James Guild has a bright future in front of him. Listen to “Lava” below.

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