Basement – Facts (Prod. DRKNGHT)

By: Chris Durkin

Making his long overdue reappearance into the music industry, Everett artist Basement is back in the light with his hot new track “Facts”. Featuring smooth vocals and an effortless chorus, the rising talent gives us a hint as to what he’s been up to outside of the industry. Simply put, “Facts” tells the story of an attempt to secure his bag and stay away from the posers, attracting fans with an infectious and digital flow thanks to fitting production from DRKNGHT – a reoccurring name here at Graduation Music.

Basement sure has a lot of things going for him outside of the music industry, but it’s great to see him go back to his roots a bit as a musician. He has been apart of the local music scene for a while now, even inspiring others locally to join along on the journey. This standout talent is ready to shine, so show him some love by giving “Facts” a listen below.

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