DRKNGHT – “I Know” ft. Count

By: Chris Durkin

DRKNGHT and Count are blessing Boston’s ears with their newest offering “I Know”. Heavily anticipated due to numerous teases across both artists’ social media platforms, it’s almost a sense of relief that the release day is finally here. DRKNGHT displays his talents as a full-fledged producer with the way he fits this beat almost perfectly to the likings of Count. Being able to depict the proper artist for a potential project is never easy, but DRKNGHT had the knowledge to know this was the perfect production for the budding talent… and that it is.

On “I Know”, Count delivers nothing but his best, dancing on the beat with mesmerizing harmony – a guarantee from an artist of this caliber on all occasions. This feature is just another example of his development into the artist everyone has on their playlist, and it should not be the last time we get to hear the collaboration of DRKNGHT and Count. The duo seems to have huge potential with just how perfectly capable they are of combining both of their talents, and I’m excited for what they have in store. Listen to “I Know” below:

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