Graduation Music Presents: Feedback Fridays

By: Seamus Fay

A few weeks ago we asked our followers on Twitter for advice on how Graduation Music can improve. Thanks to plenty of thorough responses and pieces of constructive criticism, we are proud to start our second year off by introducing a new system of feedback on the site called Feedback Fridays.

With this system in place, artists and producers can send SoundCloud links to our feedback email (listed below). From there, we will listen to each song and write up a few points about what we liked, what could be improved, and our overall take on the song. These points will be put together into a small write-up. Every Friday, starting October 13th, we will put the write-ups of the songs we were sent into one article to be shared as the Feedback Friday article for that week. The write-ups will include links to the actual song so that readers can follow along and hopefully learn from others how they can improve their craft in our opinion.

The person receiving all emails and writing these articles will be Ilian. For background, Ilian is an up and coming producer from the greater Boston area. He has been producing for two years now, working with local artists and producers and getting involved in the local scene. Ilian focuses mainly on trap-based production. We chose him to provide feedback because it makes more sense for someone who actually makes music to be the one analyzing the music of others. With this, Ilian will be able to go into greater depth and technical detail with his write-ups than the writers of Graduation Music would be able to.

The purpose of this system is to provide free feedback to local artists while growing our following in the process and connecting with artists personally. We look forward to your submissions and we thank you all for the immense support shown throughout our first year running. Graduation Music has much more in store to introduce in the coming weeks and we can’t wait to show you all.

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