Marvelous Stefan – “NO LAW!”

By: Seamus Fay

Previewed a few weeks ago on Twitter, Brockton artist Marvelous Stefan is finally here with his new single “NO LAW!”, acting as a gift to the fans for his 20th birthday. It’s a middle finger to the opps, and one that comes out as a banger with its infectious flows and hard-hitting production via Jerm Sherman. In addition, the slightly relaxed melodies take the back seat to give Stefan’s vocals the attention, allowing for the rising talent to come through with one his best lyrical performances to date.

If you’re looking for some new heat to make a great addition to your playlist, Marvelous Stefan has it right here for you. Weaving through the beat with pinpoint precision, we also get to hear numerous tweetables within the nearly 3 minute track, emphasizing clever wordplay and lyricism from one of Brockton’s most promising talents at the moment. Listen to “NO LAW!” below.

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