Rugby Lo Sport – “Malcolm X”

By: Seamus Fay

In what I believe is his most honest release yet, Roxbury’s own Rugby Lo Sport is back on our pages with his new single “Malcolm X”. Starting with a quote from the historical leader, the track quickly delves into reflective verses about life in Rugby’s neighborhood and the man it has made him. The line that caught my attention most was the opener, saying, “They say pressure make diamonds, can’t wait to see what the hood makes me”. 

Summing up the concept of the track, Rugby puts it all on the table for listeners with lines like these, unraveling the trials and tribulations of life in a way that can make sense to any listener, regardless of where they’re from. This highlights one of the Roxbury artist’s main lyrical talents, as he never ceases to come across clearly and with an interesting wisdom to the words he says. Listen to “Malcolm X” below and enjoy what I felt was one of the best lyrical moments of this track here:

“Ala-bama pimpin, I’m steady leanin’/ Slang from the Mecca, these b*tches is fiendin – For a Roxbury n***a like I’m BBD/ You ball with no rings, CP3/ When the trap boomin’, clean money is a blessing/ Use the clean money get the trap back running”

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