Why You Should Be Excited For The ‘Superpowers’ EP

By: Seamus Fay

It’s no secret that Gio Dee is one of Boston’s premiere talents, always helping to push the needle forward and putting on for his city in the process. Throughout the past couple months, he has been gifting fans with new singles, videos, etc. just about every week, never compromising the quality of his work and consistently raising the already-high bar he has set for himself. With the Boston native’s new project, the Superpowers EP coming soon, it’s only right to let the people know why we’re about to receive something special through the lens of his latest music.

Exhibit A: “Strong”

“Strong” is the most recent release from Gio Dee, and with production from 808 Louie, it can help to provide a solid introduction to the upcoming talent. In the track, he reflects on the road that brought him to success as well as the lifestyle that he’s living at the moment and why his team can’t be touched right now, best shows Dee’s vocal abilities and songwriting skills. He showcases honest accounts of the life that he lives – spoken as a “you can do it, too” kind of lesson – in a personal tone, ultimately driving his appeal to fans on a more personal level.

Exhibit B: “Buzz Lightyear”

“Buzz Lightyear” is one of the best example of Gio Dee’s effortless taste to date. His verses and hooks never seem forced, rolling off the tongue in a fashion that repeatedly proves his talent with each release. If there’s one aspect of the Superpowers EP that I can accurately predict, it’s that listeners will get a clear look at just how raw Dee’s talent is and the clear foundation that he has based his style off of. He’s a natural, and by speaking of his life with immense pride and personality, any listener can conclude that Gio Dee naturally keeps it real at all times.

Exhibit C: “Stacey Dash Freestyle”

“Stacey Dash Freestyle” simply has to be included in this because if you didn’t realize already, Gio Dee can really rap. In just a 2-minute freestyle, he lets listeners know that he’s in his bag with bar after bar of clever flexes and genuine lessons, each of which shows his ability to speed things up when needed and snap on any given beat. Because of this, the Superpowers EP also has the potential to be an incredibly diverse project. Gio Dee can do it all, and with versatility on his side, the sky is the limit in terms of the different styles that we might hear on the EP.

I only picked this three tracks because they each showed a different aspect of Gio Dee’s talents, but I strongly advise that you don’t limit yourself to these songs. Check out the Boston native’s entire SoundCloud and make sure you’re prepared for the Superpowers EP in doing so. (Or at least relatively prepared – I don’t know if anyone is fully ready for what’s to come.) Boston is in for a special project.

Lastly, listen to this snippet that Dee posted on Twitter a few days ago. I’ll let this one speak for itself.



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