MtMill – ‘103 Nights’ EP

By: Seamus Fay

MTMill first crossed paths with Graduation Music through his features on a few of fellow Brockton artist Ashauni’s singles, showing out each and every time with hard-hitting verses that clearly displayed the talent that he possesses. And after a series of impressive releases leading up to today, Mill is finally here with his new EP 103 Nights. Believe me when I tell you that he snapped on this one. Mill showcases a deepened arsenal of flows and clever wordplay with just about every song on the tape, and by keeping his hometown pride close and his charisma closer, there isn’t a weak point in all 14 tracks.

I can genuinely say that I was pleasantly surprised by how well put together the tape really is, mostly because I didn’t have a ranging knowledge of the young talent’s catalog up until now. MtMill has an entertaining personality, and as long as he runs with it and keeps delivering infectious tracks and enticing verses, we’ll all be seeing his name a lot more in the future. If this doesn’t help confirm that Brockton can’t be slept on, I don’t know what will. Listen to 103 Nights below:

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