Caliph – “How Do You Know”

By: Seamus Fay

My mood on this rainy Wednesday instantly improved when I got the notification for new material from Caliph. More emotional this his past few releases, “How Do You Know” shows fans that the rising artist is versatile – not only can he create in different styles, but he can thrive when doing so, proving himself to be a multi-talented artist. Upon first listen of the track, I felt the emotion and honesty engrained within the lyrics of doubtful love and the nature of such. But even after thinking I had it all figured out, a write up from One Van (click here to read) taught me the duality of the song, speaking on both Caliph’s trials and tribulations in love and also comparing the Boston artist’s experiences between Africa and America.

With this, “How Do You Know” is much denser than it may be thought at first glance. The production from Sonic Drugs definitely fits the occasion, shining a light on the incredible artistry and songwriting that Caliph has become so known for. In terms of the way that each element of the track comes together in unison, “How Do You Know” possesses a certain chemistry within that elevates it to another level. Hearing this only prepares me even more for Caliph’s upcoming project, so keep an eye out for that and listen to the new single below:

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