Millyz – ‘Sped 2: The Sequel’ [Album]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s finally here. Millyz is back with the sequel to his album Sped, and 12 tracks long, this one is about to shake up the scene. Upon hearing the opening notes, I already had a feeling I was in for an important listen, and that’s just what I got. When it comes to telling introspective stories with ease, Millyz simply cannot be left out of the conversation, yet at the same time, there’s no shortage of simple bangers to play at any upcoming function, showing the versatility of the local artist and just how well he can do both at the same time. Millyz uses the platform he has created for himself to teach listeners about his own life and the trials and tribulations of his years of working hard, and by making sure each song he releases holds some real weight to it, the Boston artist has quickly emerged as a top runner out of the city.

I also love the fact that alongside songs with Jadakiss, Styles P, etc. is plenty of production from local producers including LoLo The God and Hum Beats. It’s clear to me that Millyz isn’t afraid to invest in his hometown, and in doing so, he makes Sped 2 even more special to the city. Starting his album off with the opening line “this my last time feeling lost“, I’m confident in saying that Millyz will never look back after this album. It’s more than obvious that he put his heart and soul into the release, and now it’s time to keep the pressure up while enjoying the fruits of his labor at the same time. Thank you to Millyz and his whole team for constantly putting on for Boston even with life changing so quickly. It’s time to watch Sped 2 continue to climb the charts. Listen to the highly-anticipated album below.

Oh, and by the way, I think we need to hear some Millyz songs during Celtics games this year. It’s time for the city to embrace what we have to the full extent.

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