Tre.Youth – “Tired” [Prod. Tre]

By: Seamus Fay

Some of the best songs are the ones that require the least effort to get in the mood for. By effortlessly hitting us at the right time, the connections that listeners can make with these songs are arguably the strongest of their kind, and Boston artist Tre.Youth has consistently delivered high-quality music with this exact appeal. It’s like he can’t miss, always hitting at the right time in the right situations. And this aspect of his music is clearly apparent with his latest track “Tired”.

With a certain exhaustion in his voice to go along with the hypnotic production, the single packages itself beautifully, wrapped in the personal yet slightly distant lyricism of Youth that makes him such an interesting artist to listen to. “Tired” is a late-night listen in its full potential, and its relatability makes it one of the Boston artist’s best releases so far. I can’t get over how well this hits when presented in the right light, and even if you don’t connect with it during the first listen, I encourage everybody to sit with this track and give it a listen when you feel ready. Because once “Tired” hits you at the right moment, it will stick with you, trust me. Listen to the single below:

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