MyCompiledThoughts – “Serenade” [Prod. Gengis Don]

By: Seamus Fay

A collaboration that we definitely needed was MyCompiledThoughts and Gengis Don. With Thoughts’ emotional masterpieces and Don’s versatile production skills never failing to impress, their new single together “Serenade” makes perfect sense. It’s hopelessly in love, marked by both the physical and emotional connections being described so vividly. And the way that each line seems to roll off the tongue only adds to the appeal; This beat was meant for Thoughts, and he made sure to show listeners why.

A little less than a minute and a half long, “Serenade” keeps it short and sweet, dense in the ample supply of passion-filled, illustrative rhymes. And we need to appreciate that. Thoughts’ is one of few artists than say so much with so little words, a natural talent that has come along further and further with his songwriting skills. Trust me when I say you need to listen to “Serenade” below.

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