Young Seuss – “123” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

This past summer, Young Seuss released one of his most personal tracks to date, “123”. The song speaks on the young artist’s personal relationships with Boston and the figures within its community, and by offering such an introspective, refreshing take on the impact that it has on him, I was blown away by Seuss’s growth. Looking back, “123” remains one of my favorite releases of 2017 to this day, and to hear so much growth in an artist that the city has watched from the beginning was special. It was meaningful not only to myself, but to Boston as a whole.

Today, Seuss is here with official visuals for “123”, joining forces with PinkSlipFilms, one of my favorite directors and definitely a perfect fit for the song at hand. By utilizing close-up, personal shots of Seuss around the city, the music video provides fitting visual commentary to match the dense lyrical performance that makes “123” what it is – a benchmark song filled with depth, proving Seuss’ skill beyond his years. Watching the video back, I couldn’t think of a better way to provide insight into an artist of such pride and importance to the city. Beyond that, however, to see the full meaning of the song, I’ll let the video speak for itself. Watch “123” below:

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