Gio Dee – “Strong” [Prod. 808 Louie]

By: Seamus Fay

In order to fully appreciate Gio Dee’s newest single “Strong”, it needs to be said that the Boston artist’s success didn’t come overnight. He has put in years of hard work, and despite all the hardships that have come along the way, the end goal remains the same. Gio Dee is an inspiration in a lot of ways, and to have such a talented artist help represent our city is nothing less than special. Anyway, back to the music.

I felt the need to mention all this because “Strong” helps listeners to understand the emotions that came with Gio Dee’s rise to success. Everything around him, including his team, his weed, etc, stays strong, speaking on the expectations he has when it comes to winning. By constantly raising the bar and remaining focused throughout this whole journey, Dee is able to celebrate life and make tracks like this today, looking back on everything he had to go through to get here.

Songs like these are often times my favorite to write about. Seeing how far some artists have gone with hard work and a clear vision is a blessing in itself, and to hear about it with such personal quality and honest descriptions, the track only sounds better. Celebrate success with Gio Dee by listening to “Strong” below, and be sure to note that there’s a lot more to come from Boston’s own.

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