Jackie Jones – “Way Up” [Ft. Kadeem & Darius Heywood]

By: Seamus Fay

Earlier today, I was sent a new track titled “Way Up” by Jackie Jones with features from Kadeem and Darius Heywood. And after giving it a listen, I realized that I was sent something special. Something refreshing, triumphant. Something dope. “Way Up” is determined for success, making sure not to give way to failure. The tunnel-visioned themes definitely resonated with me, and I genuinely appreciated the way that each artist expressed their mindset for the years to come, ready to go to the top.

This is one of the songs that you can’t help but feel good when listening – it’s something within the crashing symbols and soulful feel that emphasizes the overpowering sound, not to mention the fact that Jones, Kadeem, and Heywood all shine during their respective verses. A weak point simply doesn’t exist in this track, and with almost 3 and a half minutes of highly-entertaining triumph, I can’t stop hitting replay. Make sure you get hip to one of the best recent releases in “Way Up” by clicking play below:

All about the stacks this year, we hittin every major city on the map/ Yo, n***as wonder where I’m at, I had to dip out and get this money, I’ll be backkk

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