DJ Lucas – “Make It Right”

By: Seamus Fay

DJ Lucas doesn’t usually get very emotional, but in his newest track “Make It Right”, he shows fans that he definitely has the talent to do so. The self-produced single speaks to a girl that Lucas has wronged and is trying to make it up to, shedding light on a perspective that we haven’t really seen from the Dark World rapper. He’s growing as an artist with each release, and alongside that growth comes the increasing skill of versatility.

One main emphasis on the track is the hometown feel to it, a touch that we have seen time and time again from the DJ but never in this way. He offers to buy the girl a flight back to the woods to work things out, and although he may be out west living life in California right now, “Make It Right” is proof that he hasn’t forgotten about the small town that he comes from and the way it has helped to shape him as a human. Listeners are also offered a plethora of motivational gems, helping to make for such a feel-good song that fans everywhere can find comfort in. “Make It Right” may be my favorite of all the recent DJ Lucas releases, and I advise you to join the wave and listen to the single below:

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