Pistola – “Jokes On You” [Prod. StoopKid]

By: Seamus Fay

To describe Pistola as an artist it’s essential to mention the unique style that he has paved his own lane with – one that channels a relatability inside everyone with infectious flows and quotable lyrics to a point where you just can’t get his music out of your head. Something about it strikes a chord in everyone upon release, only to translate even better at live shows as the given song ages. It works on so many levels, and by always having fun with what he’s working on, Stola has become one of the most notable artists coming out of Boston right now.

His newest track “Jokes On You” produced by Stoop Kid follows this style seamlessly, providing us with line after line of memorable commentary on the lifestyle that Pistola lives. The quickly rising artist gives listeners a variety of reasons why he’s untouchable right now, and it’s an extremely entertaining listen from start to finish. In my eyes, I believe that “Jokes On You” has the potential to be one of those songs that fans yell for the artist to play at his shows – it’s ready to shut down venues, and I can’t wait. Listen to “Jokes On You” below:

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