Gengis Don – “Woke Up” ft. YoungCTheGreat & Ola

By: Seamus Fay

Acting as the second single off of his collaboration EP with YoungCTheGreat, Gengis Don is here with a beautifully written track titled “Woke Up”. It’s personal, it’s relatable, it’s emotional, and most of all, it’s a perfect release to set the tone for the project. With well-placed features from YoungCTheGreat and Ola, I was first greeted with the impression that “Woke Up” symbolizes a look around at the world, giving a fresh breath of air to the impact and meaning of all the small things in life. And because of this, the relatability factor really hit just right for me; I have no doubts that any listener that may be unfamiliar with Don, YoungC, or Ola would become an instant fan of this track, feeling its connection to our everyday life and how it can teach us in small ways.

Another highlight aspect of the track for me was the production via Gengis Don himself. It’s freeing, featuring pleasant, sunny melodies and light drums that make it a fun listen, not too hard-hitting, but just right in its appeal to all moods. I’m very much a fan of this release, and I think that it’s safe to assume, based on the quality of this track, that we need to prepare for something special in this Gengis Don x YoungCTheGreat collaboration. To help with the wait, listen to “Woke Up” below:

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