Cave – “Run From The Sun”

By: Seamus Fay

At this point, I’m hesitant to say that Cave is adding to his hot streak with his newest single “Run From The Sun”. The reason I say this is because with so many great songs and such a consistent, high-quality output, calling this a “hot streak” is just disrespectful. This isn’t a hot streak, it’s Cave’s career. His artistry is incredible, and it’s no wonder that he’s been making quite a bit of noise lately – it’s all part of the plan.

Anyways, back to the song. “Run From The Sun” is a deep cut described as “Derick’s discarded feelings”, and with a distorted synth repeatedly slamming against the hard-hitting percussion, it represents the aggression coming from Cave’s inner emotion, making for an excellent song that displays his exact feelings in a passionate, confrontational manner.

It’s also important to notice the title “Run From The Sun” in contrast with the phrase “Run To The Sun”. Cave isn’t here to just show his happiness, he’s here to help fans find comfort and relatability in his outward spiral of in-your-face energy. It fits the vision he has so clearly created with his latest music, and I’m very interested to see where he takes his upcoming projects. You can listen to “Run From The Sun” below:

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