Jiles – “Paranoia” [Prod. xNOTCH]

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton native Jiles’ new single “Paranoia” is one of the best storytelling tracks I’ve heard out of MA in a minute. It’s aggressively vivid. It’s brutally honest in every sense. It’s a perfectly delivered account of what the streets feel like. It’s a standout track with a standout delivery and overall creepy aura. I love it.  Not only does “Paranoia” detail the dangerous atmosphere that Jiles has experienced, but it also looks into the effects of this atmosphere on his own family, giving listeners a personal look into the struggles of his everyday life.

The title “paranoia” is a reoccurring theme in the song, included in the chilling descriptions of intimidated store clerks who have been robbed at gunpoint in the past, the stress of turning onto unknown streets that may house a dead body, and much more. It plays this idea up with great attention to detail, and thanks to the fitting production from xNOTCH, “Paranoia” is definitely worth checking out, packaged with a strong aesthetic that showcases Jiles’ talent and reminds us why we need to pay attention to what he has going on. Listen  to the track below:

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