MyCompiledThoughts – “Pretend” [Cover]

By: Seamus Fay

I think MyCompiledThoughts just made my day with his newest release, a cover of “Pretend” by Lando with some added personality and an incredible groove to it (a “how can you not dance to this” kind of track). The original song details the beauty of a one night stand, but in MCT’s new version he says that he wanted to tell the story of a girl “pretending” she loves you. And he does just that not only with the lyrics, but also with the standout bassline and synths to run alongside the atmospheric vocals, all while drowning emotions pour out of the crashing of each clap.

Above all the saturation and contrast between the elements make this such a strong track, pushing the song into a new light that is topped off by the ending sample: a short monologue about entering the lesson of how to fake act nice and care for someone. This release kind of hit me out of the blue, but I’m happy to say it’s one of my favorite tracks to come out recently. Thoughts killed it. Listen to “Pretend” below:

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