Tyve Clic – “Foreign Things” ft. Campaign

By: Seamus Fay

It’s been a great week for the Boston music scene, and to top it all off, Roxbury native Tyve Clic just released his debut single “Foreign Things” featuring Campaign. Somewhere within the infectious melody and smooth, controlled delivery, I became a fan, adding it to my personal playlist immediately after hearing it (and I think it’s going to last a while in there). After finding out that this was his first song, in all honesty, I was genuinely surprised to hear such a high-quality release from an artist so early in their career. From there, the potential for Tyve Clic was apparent.

Speaking on his hustle and the lifestyle that comes with it, the Roxbury artist (located in Sacramento at the moment) keeps it real with his audience from the jump on this one. A point of emphasis in the track is the designer lifestyle that comes with hustling, and by not only introducing listeners to it, but really making sure the song is presented to show the full effect of the lifestyle, I must say that “Foreign Things” is a very solid single to lead things off with. With that being said, I highly recommend keeping an eye on Tyve Clic. He’s clearly ready to make some noise, and I won’t be surprised to watch him stand out with his upcoming releases. Listen to “Foreign Things” below:

One thought on “Tyve Clic – “Foreign Things” ft. Campaign

  1. So proud of Tyve Clic aka my little brother. He’s invested a couple of years, grind and personal sacrifice to bring this to fruition. I’m so glad he’s chosen to chase his dreams. We only get one shot at this life, so make it count.

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