KyE Nathaniel – “Deadshot” [Prod. Reezy]

By: Seamus Fay

New Bedford’s own KyE Nathaniel just dropped a new video/song titled “Deadshot”, and it’s wildly impressive to say the least. Sent to me by Greg Gaffney, the track features a standout lyrical performance that could stand alone as a hit itself, but instead is backed up by some aggressive production from Reezy. All in all, the elements of the song come together to paint Nathaniel in a light above others, undoubtedly putting him on the “must-watch” lists of listeners from all over. And even with such a solid track, it’s the visuals that wrap everything together. With a slightly cluttered studio acting as his background, the one-take music video is extremely well shot, giving new life to an already dope track and pushing it towards the cream of the crop in the contest it’s being entered in. Check out “Deadshot” below, and click the following link to vote for this track for The Golden Age Rap Contest in support of KyE Nathaniel.

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