Stripes III – ‘Baby Flame’ [Project]

By: Seamus Fay

After seeing Stripes III in my SoundCloud feed earlier today, I was introduced to his new EP Baby Flame. Drawn in by the artwork (pictured above), featuring, well, a flaming baby, the project’s front cover told me right away that I was in for something interesting. By mixing elements of good and bad in the soft, innocent colors and textures of the backdrop/text with the raw energy and arrogance of the fire surrounding the baby, Stripes achieves a high level of contrast that can get anyone’s attention – and that’s without even clicking anything; Although I’m definitely glad that I went further and clicked on this one.

Baby Flame is 5 tracks long without stopping for a moment. Stripes comes off without any time to rest or slow down, and with dedicated, tunnel-visioned anthems to fuel the fire, each and every track has the chance to do numbers. It’s a strong collection of songs, and one that leaves the listener with little question on who Stripes III really is. He’s about his business, and he’s not afraid to make bangers. Listen to Baby Flame below and enjoy the EP as much as I did – don’t sleep on this one.


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