Greg Gaffney Delivers Lollapalooza Photo Set

By: Seamus Fay

As mentioned in our interview with Stefan Kohli a few days ago, Lollapalooza was a huge weekend for Boston artists between Cousin Stizz selling out the House of Blues, Michael Christmas giving possibly the best performance of his career up until this point, and much more. And there to document it all was Greg Gaffney – a Boston-based creative that I like to describe as “a Rennaissance man who will introduce you to tomorrow’s hit songs before all your friends hear them”.

Despite losing his film camera on the trip, Greg is still here today to deliver some of the rarest pictures of all your favorite artists and behind-the-scenes movers and shakers from the Chicago music festival. The photo set includes candid shots and portraits of figures including Chance The Rapper, Aminé, Madeintyo, Cousin Stizz, and many more, shedding light on just how eventful Lolla really was this year. Click the link below to see the set, and follow Greg Gaffney on social media at @gregisonfire.

***Contact Greg on social media to book him for photo shoots, cover art, etc. He announced via Twitter he’s doing everything for the low this month!!

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