cWave$ – “Remain Reclusive” [Prod. Johnny Tsunamii]

By: Seamus Fay

I’ve never really listened to much from cWave$ until now, but I’m glad I started. He’s doing something special, and with his latest, Johnny Tsunamii-produced single “Remain Reclusive”, I think he can make some serious waves. It doesn’t follow any of the styles that everyone is putting out, and between the relaxed bars and stellar beats (there are two parts to the track), this song is very much worth the listen.

Featuring against-the-grind production and unique, loose flows, the way this track sets itself apart from others is what really made me a fan. cWave$ raps on and off the beat at times, just doing enough to maintain the structure while keeping it experimental and entertaining for that reason. With this, each line receives much more emphasis, and the lackadaisical tone only makes it better. The title “Remaining Reclusive” is shown throughout this track, as cWave$ talks about secluding himself and working hard, constantly feeling like there’s more to be done.

As the beat switches around the 1:28 mark, the Boston rapper picks up the speed a little bit, consistently providing quoteworthy lines that honestly make this one of my favorite recently released songs. The beat changes to something a bit lighter, with hypnotic melodies put together in a fashion that makes too much sense with cWave$’ style. I could keep going on, but listen to “Remain Reclusive” below and definitely check out the other music on cWave$ SoundCloud.

Diamond in the dirt/ I just wanna learn, uh/ I just wanna earn, uh/ Soon will be my turn/ Speak into existence/ Only took persistence

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