SuperSmashBroz – ‘Family Cookout’ [Debut Project]

By: Seamus Fay

Seldom do you find DJs, or artists in general, for that matter, so dedicated to their city and committed to helping push a wave than the SuperSmashBroz. As natives of Roxbury, the DJ duo has quickly become known all throughout Boston and beyond for their incredible work ethic and ability to get the vibes right in any situation, and now they’re here putting on for the home team once again. Yesterday at 4 PM, the SuperSmashBroz released their debut project titled Family Cookout, a collection of 13 tracks by Boston artists, all of which are meant to push the city forward and raise awareness to what we have going on.

Best put in the words of Muyi’s (one-half of the duo) Instagram story yesterday, “hard to beat Boston when the city rallies up”. And he’s right. By getting so many artists together to work toward a common goal with this project, the SuperSmashBroz are fostering new relationships within the city and therefore strengthening it as we move forward, truly proving their love and commitment to helping their hometown out.

I can confidently say there isn’t one weak track on this entire project, and I’m excited to watch the plays run up as the world gets hip to one of the hottest upcoming rap scenes. I’d love to go through some of my highlights from this project, but I honestly can’t choose. Each and every artist who contributed to this played their part unbelievably well, and for that, you have to give credit where it’s due. So, there it is. I think I speak for everybody when I say thank you to the SuperSmashBroz for constantly providing positive energy to the city and helping it to move forward as a whole. This could truly be a pivotal moment in Boston rap, and I’m proud to be witnessing it. Listen to Family Cookout below:

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