Gio Dee – “Addin’ Up Remix”

By: Seamus Fay

Yesterday afternoon, Gio Dee tweeted this:

I have way too much fuckin music and I want you guys to hear it all. So I’m dropping a song every week from now on.

So here we are with a new single from the Boston artist titled “Addin’ Up Remix”. Hard-hitting and determined as ever, Dee completely snaps lyrically, maintaining his flow and dropping every line with a vengeance. The track’s topic matter was also delivered in an interesting way, as the people hating on Gio Dee are acknowledged, but not given any power. Instead, they’re simply shoved off to the side by bars about the rising rapper’s buzzing career and the symbols of success pushing him past the negativity.

The charisma in “Addin’ Up Remix” really keeps the fire going for me, as each line has an effortless steez to it that pushes the pride and distinctive style of the single. Listen to “Addin’ Up Freestyle” below, and get ready for a lot more from Gio Dee coming in the near future.

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