RAMS – “X-Ray Vision” [Prod. MAKA]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s no secret by now that I love the combination of MAKA and RAMS together. The two have seamless chemistry, and it always feels like they know each others’ styles and strengths/weaknesses best. The one-two punch is back today with a more calmed-down single titled “X-Ray Vision”. With distanced mixing on RAMS vocals, the song marries a unique energy that makes perfect sense with the title, making it sound like the Brooklyn artist can see you but you can’t see him.

“X-Ray Vision” also showcases RAMS’ versatility and ability to switch between flows flawlessly, all the while maintaining his mysterious charisma and style. The chorus of this track features the line “I done seen a million things/ Wish I had X-Ray vision”, and as I heard it I couldn’t help but notice how well it captures the man-behind-the-mask feel of this track, with its slightly ominous connotation and curious meaning. Listen to “X-Ray Vision” below, and make sure you don’t sleep on the other strong singles dropped recently from RAMS including “Disease!” and “Already”:

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