Caliph – “Life of the Party”

By: Seamus Fay

I suppose it’s clear as ever now – Caliph is ready to take over the summer, supplying the soundtrack to the warm weather with his newest offering “Life of the Party” and of course, “The Mood” featuring Jefe Replay (click here to watch the newly released music video). This latest track follows the same blueprint as “The Mood” with its beautifully written hooks and fun, fitting production, helping the New Bedford artist to successfully create another jam to play at every function this summer. “Life of the Party” is a banger from the first note, and considering the vibe that comes across with this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if Caliph has a hit on his hands.

Run by its endless energy and undeniable replay value, this release is more proof that the quickly rising artist is the wave right now. He hasn’t failed to take over my playlist yet, and with such high-quality work coming out lately, I don’t see Caliph slowing down anytime soon. Listen to “Life of the Party” below, and start learning the lyrics now, because it’s only a matter of time until everyone is singing this track at all the summer functions.

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