Lord Felix – “Everyone Dies”

By: Seamus Fay

Solemn as ever, Lord Felix is here with “Everyone Dies”. This is a rock bottom kind of track, marked with distant guitars, slowly strumming with little to no energy. Being that the first line talks about his Uncle’s death, Felix vents more than ever over this song. It’s an introspective listen, and one that garners respect as it shows us how much he’s been through. The Van Buren artist asks the question “why’d I give you flowers when it’s too late”, a recurring phrase that helps to explain the emotion in such dark times.

“Everyone Dies” is also one of the first times we have heard Felix sing. He slowly lets out each word with a hurt delivery, and I’m a fan of the vocals. Felix has been through it all, and to hear the art that has come out of it is impressive. The comfort that he seems to find in the past few releases is calming, and Flowers is shaping up to be one of the most personal releases we have heard in quite some time. Follow Lord Felix on Tumblr below and check out “Everyone Dies”.

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