Cash Gotti – ‘Sen Mi Gotto’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s officially Strip Life season, and Cash Gotti isn’t waiting for anyone. Dropping his debut project Sen Mi Gotto this past week, the Boston artist shares unapologetic, brutally honest stories of the streets in 8 hard-hitting tracks, all of which maintain a certain level of energy that makes this EP special. With features from DutchyDoBad, Trvpgod Lucky, Prince Smooth, and Surf Mantega, Sen Mi Gotto consistently supplies listeners with pinpoint verses that have no trouble painting a picture of the life that Gotti lives, one of many selling points on the tape for me personally. It’s refreshing to hear such a strong narrative out of the city, specifically in a story-telling sense where the Boston artist seems to shine most. Listen to the Strip Life representative’s debut below:

Also: Check out the fitting visuals for “Proud of You” directed by JMP. Between this and the other work that Cash Gotti has out, the quality of his work has reached quite a high standard, especially proving himself when it comes to visuals. Watch the video below:

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