Brandon James – “Watchu Doin” ft. Trezavelii

By: Seamus Fay

Originally previewing the track on December 26th during a show at the Middle East, Brandon James and Trezavelii are finally here with their newest single “Watchu Doin”. Produced by SQDRN, the distant melodies and hard drum patterns make for an aggressive mood, providing room for James and Trezavelii to do their thing. Each artist offers their most honest bars, tunnel-visioned and ready for the top as always. Also notable are the constantly changing flows, adapting to the production in ways that keep the listener entertained as the two rappers do acrobatics over the beat.

Proving itself to hype up the crowd as soon as the song started, “Watchu Doin” was bound to be a banger after being previewed at the Middle East, and with the track finally released, fans and DJs alike will surely be putting this one in their playlists. But beyond just the hype of it, this track is a lyrical showcase from Brandon James with his storytelling, as he vividly paints a picture of street life and some of the situations that come with it.  Listen to “Watchu Doin” below, and get ready for the How It Go EP coming soon:

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