VALLEY – “Picture Me” [Prod. Stoop Kid]

By: Seamus Fay

Celebrating his birthday today, VALLEY is here to give us the gift of new music with “Picture Me” via Corey Dash’s SoundCloud, an energetic, quotable track produced by frequent collaborator Stoop Kid. It follows the same style as “Atari” and “Fab”, featuring wavy production and quick lines dropped with accuracy and relatability about how VALLEY has been living between the streets, rapping, and everything else he has going on. Right before the beat goes in to start the song, he says “I can’t even make this sh*t up”, a reminder that the rising rapper is living wild right now, and these songs are only giving us more of an idea who he really is, attracting listeners as he goes.

Only four singles deep, we have already been able to see the versatility of VALLEY, and if you haven’t been able to tell from other articles, I’m excited about everything the Dorchester native has coming – he sat behind the scenes for some time, and now it’s his year to shine (which really hit when I hear the “I’m not average” line). Listen to “Picture Me” below:

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