Juxi – “Thrasher” [Prod. Banbwoi]

By: Seamus Fay

Just yesterday, after hearing about Juxi through his cousin and mentor, Corey Dash, I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of the most exciting songs out of Boston lately in “Thrasher”. It’s the rising artist’s newest release and at that, only his third song so far -something that I never would have guessed had I not looked at his SoundCloud. Sonically, this track feels like the Dorchester native is right at home, with everything down to the most simple adlibs hitting just right with the beat – one of the various examples showing that Juxi is beyond his years musically.

He brings the right energy for a potential hit in “Thrasher”, understanding his skills and using them to their full potential with just about every element of the track. The bright production from Banbwoi definitely helps out, too, laying the ground for Juxi to do what he does best. In addition, all the subtle melodies in this one run smoothly alongside each other with nothing forced, ultimately bringing every piece of the track together and pushing it together as a whole, creating a wave that can’t be ignored. So thank you, Corey Dash, for putting me onto what looks like it could be the future of such an exciting scene. Based on this single, we’re are in for a lot more from Juxi, so don’t sleep. Listen to “Thrasher” below:

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