Cave – “WYA NOW ?”

By: Seamus Fay

If you haven’t been paying attention, Cave has been proving to us week after week that he’s one of the most talented artists coming out of Boston at the moment. With everything self-produced, he proves to understand himself and the way that his stories are told best with every release, consistently impressing everyone who listens and consistently making it into my playlist, only to be thrown on repeat the second I finish a song. Today he’s back, following up his latest mini-project titled Lil’ Derick The EP, with “WYA NOW ?”, a loose release described on SoundCloud with the sentence “Our lonely hero finds himself reminiscing on past coochie traumas“.

This description makes perfect sense without even listening to the song, as Cave has definitely taken listeners on an emotional journey throughout his last few tracks. Our “lonely hero” is leading us somewhere, adding to this narrative with new music and developing himself as a character through the introspective production and lyricism. You could almost read his music song-by-song as a book, detailing an epic story of heartbreak and aggression with all this, something that I find important to note when listening to Cave’s songs – or should I call them chapters?

Either way, “WYA NOW ?” has some of the hardest production and delivery combinations that I’ve heard as of yet from the multitalented artist, with distanced vocals and raw, cutting percussion that leads into an aggressive verse in which Cave throws his unfiltered energy at the beat, pushing us further into this epic with the constant contrasts of moods. Until the next chapter, listen to “WYA NOW ?” below, and be sure to listen to the songs before this one, too, to figure out this whole story as it develops.’

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