Millyz – “Young Tommy” ft. Styles P [Prod. HumBeats]

By: Seamus Fay

As soon as I saw the name “Styles P” in the same headline as Millyz, I knew I was in for a treat. Not only did the two get together for a lyrical showcase with their newest track “Young Tommy”, but they even grabbed Humbeats to supply them with a soulful beat to match their flows. The title “Young Tommy” is a reference to the character of Tommy Egan in the TV show Power, a big time drug trafficker who is shown posing with Millyz in the artwork for the song. The song is as much thankful as it is tough, highlighting the abilities of both rappers to offer descriptive, illustrative bars about their past experiences in the streets along with celebratory lines about how they’re living today.

What I appreciate most about this single is the story that each verse tells. Both Millyz and Styles P return to the basics with reflective bars about pain and struggle, all the while channeling the same energy and transitioning seamlessly from verse to verse, split up by a celebratory hook that cries out “Roll the dour up/ Young Tommy in the flesh I got my power up/ Til my final hours up/ Blessings rain down let em shower us“. But that struggle isn’t the only topic covered; Millyz also mentions his lack of support from blogs and how it never affected his drive – just one example that proves the Cambridge rapper’s genuine drive and determination, the women in his life at the moment, and much more. Listen to “Young Tommy” below and get used to hearing Millyz name alongside other legends of the same caliber as Styles P, because I have a feeling he has more coming.

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