Vintage Lee – ‘PiMP’ [Mixtape] Review

By: Seamus Fay

Vintage Lee is the future of Boston and there’s no denying it at this point. The 22-year-old rapper dropped her debut mixtape PiMP yesterday, a highly anticipated project that, even after being out for only one day, has already made waves all around the country, getting looks from Noisey, Hypebeast, Gunner Stahl, and plenty of other eyes. The Noisey article, in particular, was the most in-depth, including an interview in which Lee summed up her appeal perfectly in a statement, saying:

“Having enough confidence in yourself to move how you wanna move, not be too tied down—when it comes to my music, I feel like it just translates over. I’m just true to myself, so like whatever you see in regular me you’ll get, in Vintage form.”

The Roxbury pimp is unapologetic, to say the least, in her rhymes on this tape, displaying the important skill of letting her charisma and personality speak for her more than just her lyrics a lot of the time. Lee has listeners on the edge of their seats with every bar (she definitely had me hanging on her every word), allowing her laid back flows and aggressive, honest lines to run the songs – not to mention that every single beat on this mixtape is a great fit, a characteristic about Lee’s music that has gotten her this far and will continue to help her thrive. With beats from Tee-WaTT, M. Ali, LoLoTheGod, Jew Paidro, and LDG Beats, she was sure only to pick the cream of the crop production-wise, sticking close to home for the most part and repping her city.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 12.10.04 PM

I was hesitant to write about PiMP after just one listen yesterday, but after playing it on repeat all throughout the day today and even listening to it right now, I think that I have a good enough grip on the project to express my opinion. Vintage Lee’s debut project is more than fans could have asked for, not only introducing the world to her style in ways that can hit any listener just right, but also further establishing her local fan base and putting Lee in a different category, a level above where she was with only singles out (and trust me, I already regarded her highly with just those singles). Also, keeping it 10 tracks long was definitely the right move, not overcoming her welcome and keeping everything to the point – just the right balance for her debut.

My favorite tracks at the moment are “Lean Lean”, “Jawns Interlude”, “New Stash”, and “Money Over Fame” – and that’s being picky. Every part of this mixtape follows the Roxbury rapper’s personality and image, and I don’t think she’s ever looking back after dropping this. Thank you, Vintage Lee and keep making the city proud.

P.S. Click here to read the Noisey write-up/interview.



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