Lord Felix – “APRIL”

By: Seamus Fay

Hailing from Brockton, Lord Felix has been impressing me for months now with each release, and he’s back with a new single, presumably an interlude of sorts, titled “APRIL” (which hasn’t been confirmed to be on his upcoming project Flowers yet, so, for now, we will take it as a loose release). “APRIL” samples an argument between two characters questioning their relationship and breaking down in an argument with each other from the 2008 movie Revolutionary Road, reminding me of the snippet below that he dropped a while back:

“APRIL” mixes smooth percussion with distant, atmospheric vocal samples, contrasting with the tension and anger of the argument being played during it. This contrast, based on lyrics from other releases, may represent the feeling of hopelessness and devastating calmness that Felix felt after the end to his relationship, pointing towards the common theme of the feelings following heartbreak that the Brockton artist has detailed so well. You can listen to “APRIL” below, and be sure to watch out for any announcements about Flowers coming in the near future.


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