Triy – ‘The Care Package’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Acting as a warm-up for his upcoming mixtape #TriySeason, Triy just released a new EP called The Care Package, a 7 track project that I was very impressed by, especially showcasing the rapper/singer’s ability to put a solid collection of songs together, showing that he doesn’t have to depend on singles. The Care Package is an entertaining listen front to back with a strong focus on relatable lines and detailed hooks, giving listeners a look into who Triy is and where he’s at in life.

This style is generally geared toward R&B fans with its slower, hanging production and emotional vocals, but Triy has the potential to appeal to much more than just an R&B crowd. Songs like “OK OK”, my second favorite track at the moment behind “Right Away”, show his versatility and talents in other areas, too. Triy has the skill set to appeal to many, and by the time that #TriySeason rolls around, I think fans of various audiences will know his name. I highly recommend that you listen to the EP below:

P.S. – Do you see that cover art?!

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