Mizzie Ca$h – ‘C.A.$.H.’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Mizzie Ca$h might be 17 years old, but when listening to his music it definitely doesn’t sound like it. His vision goes beyond his years and with his mixtape C.A.$.H. racking up thousands of plays, it seems like the young rapper is ready to make moves far beyond just Boston. On SoundCloud the description of the mixtape reads:

Mizzie Drops “C.A.S.H” aka “Chronicles Of A Street Hustla” At 16 He’s Showing He’s Beyond His Years Already. Depicting The Life Of A Young Street Kid, He Shows He Has The Ability To Share Perspectives & Help You Understand Where He’s Coming From

And this couldn’t be truer. Mizzie’s lyrics put you right in his shoes, giving listeners a detailed look into the life of a kid so determined to succeed out of a place that doesn’t make that easy. The tape starts with a track called “Lil Wayne Skit”, a recording of the legendary artist talking about the hard work he puts in and just how little rests in pursuit of success. As the project goes on, it becomes apparent that Mizzie lives Wayne’s words every day – he’s hustling to make it, and with a such a strong work ethic at only 17, I can only imagine what Mizzie can accomplish with the right direction.

My favorite songs off of C.A.$.H include “Callin My Phone”, “Facts Freestyle”, and “Truth”, just a few of the tracks on the tape that have hit potential. So thank you to Greg Gaffney for sending me “Callin My Phone” and introducing me to Mizzie Ca$h, because it won’t be long before you hear everyone listening to Mizzie around Boston and beyond. Check out C.A.$.H. below.

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