Young Seuss – “123”

By: Seamus Fay

Fans of the Boston rap scene right now have probably seen Young Seuss at one event or another even if they didn’t realize it at the time. In essence, he’s someone who is there to support everybody, never ceasing to bring the energy to a function – a known face to say the least. With this, Boston has had the opportunity to watch him grow as a person and as an artist himself, a journey that is clearly showing results with each new release. Young Seuss dropped a new track yesterday called “123”, and it shows this growth better than anything else so far.

The artistry is there, the production is there, the delivery is there, and best of all, the lyrics and concept are there. “123” explores Seuss’ relationship with the people within Boston’s music scene and around it compared to what his family knows or even wants to know. It’s a summary of what the young artist has seen and how it affects him, giving listeners a better look at who this character is that they see at every show. The growth is just so apparent in “123” that it must be appreciated in all of its minute and a half glory. My least favorite part of this song? That it’s only a minute and 16 seconds. But it makes sense that way.

The track is extremely dense start to finish, and the production and flows keep it just as entertaining from the first second to the last. And with nearly 500 plays in less than a day, it seems like everyone else understands just how great this song is, too. I’m excited for what Seuss has coming, and although I don’t really know him personally, it makes sense that his journey has been one embraced by the city, and one that will continue to be embraced by the city as it goes on. Listen to “123” below and whatever you do, pay attention to Young Seuss; he’s definitely something special.


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