Superior – ‘Live Super’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

After a long wait filled with some catchy singles and hard-hitting loose releases, Superior has finally dropped his 13-track debut project Live Super. And upon first listen, I can confidently say that it was worth the wait. Live Super puts the mindstate of the Dorchester artist on display, with descriptive verses and aggressive flows that define his sound so well. It’s a very solid project cover to cover, and one of the main focuses of it is Superior’s love for making music and what it has done for him – a love that has become clear with his dedication and consistency in releasing new music.

The title itself speaks for this project in its entirety. Superior is only branding himself with his verses, but he’s showing us a lifestyle with each and every track – presumably teaching us what living super even means. With this, Live Super can stand solidly as a whole, and it has the potential to age well.

Another important piece of Live Super that can help people to understand the project is the way it starts off. The song “Heaven Sent” is triumphant, to say the least, as the orchestral chords immediately throw the project into a mood where it seems like each line is one of epic proportions and the utmost importance, leaving listeners hanging on each and every word. This theme carries on throughout the project, too, a characteristic that makes each track very enjoyable for fans. Superior and his camp put in some very hard work, and I predict that there will be some big results coming from this. With cosigns including DJ Nick Marino already, Superior is getting his name around, and he’s only going to grow as an artist from here.

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