Michael Christmas – “Top Turnbuckle” ft. OG Swaggerdick

By: Seamus Fay

Michael Christmas and OG Swaggerdick together are the new, self-proclaimed (but you’re wrong if you disagree) Dudley Boyz – the modern day Bubba Ray and D-Von. Their shared humor and diverse, classic references build off of each other with unique style and boldness, both of which are characteristics that perfectly fit their newest track “Top Turnbuckle”. About a week ago, snippets of the song were put on social media, gaining hundreds of likes and retweets as everyone rejoiced in word of a new song by the power duo, and after a wait that felt much longer than it was, the anticipated collaboration is finally here.

And I love it. Not only did they get some amazing cover artwork from Greg Gaffney (@gregisonfire), but they murdered their respective verses and there’s no doubt in my mind that entire venues will be yelling the words in unison soon enough. Christmas focused on the wrestling references with his verse (that stutter was legendary) while OG spit one of his best verses yet, filled with clever bars and hilarious punchlines that covered a wide range of topics. So listen to the important “Top Turnbuckle” below and embrace the talent that Boston has.

“Word on the street I’m a savage no Randy/ Pull up on the block colors look like candy/ Fist to the cheek like his first name Sandy/ Slam through the table n***a shit ain’t handy”

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