DJ Lucas – “Pretty Please”

By: Seamus Fay

DJ Lucas cannot stop dropping heat. He released yet another loose single the other day titled “Pretty Please”, and lyrically it might be one of my favorite tracks from the Dark World rapper (I may have said that about the last one, too, but at this point, Lucas is just getting better with every track that comes out). He’s constantly coming out with new, unique flows and lines with references so obscure that the very few people who actually understand it are immediately going to love what else Lucas has in store – probably my favorite special talent of his.

A few days ago when I first heard the song, it was about 12:30 at night on a school night, already not great sleep-wise, and yet Lucas had me looking up the smallest references he makes to a random Western Massachusetts bridge, Chet Baker, and more. I didn’t think I would find myself reading into the Calvin Coolidge Bridge that night, but when you look everything up to understand all the references, DJ Lucas’ music only gets that much better. So here’s a list of some of my favorite lines from the song, and don’t hold back on searching for the meanings of all these lines at 12:30 on a school night.

“I roll up the dope under the Coolidge Bridge/ Why the f*ck does that crib look abandoned if it’s full of kids?”

“A small town hero what the city needs/ She said Luke when you touchdown please hit my phone, pretty please” 

“I’m a game changer/ I’m a bet maker/ I’m on 3 drugs, just like Chet Baker”

“I am fully focused, this car’s not fully broken/ But the back twisted up like it had scoliosis”

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